Brand Re-Launch

Agency: Garrigan Lyman Group           Client: Trilogy International Partners           Year: 2010


In 2010, VoilĂ  was struggling as the only native Haitian cellular company against major competitors from the UK. They needed a rallying cry that would get the public behind them. In a country riddled with tragady and a sad history, such pride was still defiantly present, if just under the surface. We banded together with Voila's spokeman Wyclef Jean to re-announce Voila to the country.

Exploration + Insight

I voraciously dug into the culture, it's history, and discovered that, for many, they felt the world had stopped paying attention. That they didn't matter. I created a visualization of the cultural symbols and language, and how it flowed through and connected us to each other. A representation that what they said did matter, and that national pride was alive and well. 


Focus on Me

The primary insight was communicating that what the individual had to say mattered. We enhanced the idea by only having the models in color as the primary focus. There were several shoots in Haiti over a week, and a day shoot in NYC, working with some of the most wonderful people I've ever met. 


Come Together

All elements were combined to create a very recognizable, ownable campaign and brand that was applied to billboards, flags, posters, and building exteriors. A typographic varaince was employed when speaking to business owners.


Keep Pushing

To do the concept per my vision, the motion wizards at Superfad had to create the software required to pull off the concept. In the end, all of the work was worth it. While only the Creole video was produced, I've included the motion test and English rough as well for context.

Channeling The Muse

This was a very intense 6-month project wherein we spent most of our time digging into what the brand was and, more importantly, what it could be. We ran the gamut of Cee-Lo Green's funky soul, to the pounding bass of Eminem and Jay-Z, to EDM and the rock and roll of Tin Machine. And since we were also assisting with Wyclef's music, it was in the rotation as well.


James Nesbitt Design