James Nesbitt,
Creative Director
NN/g Certified UX Designer

I am a Seattle-based multidisciplinary Creative focused on devising unique, people-centered experiences, regardless of medium or technology. I am fascinated by the opportunities which lie at the crossroads of digital and analog, and how the two worlds can co-exist and intermingle, enriching our daily lives.

I believe in being truthful and collaborating with all individuals to make the work better. It's all about The Team and The Work.

I love Swiss Modernism, grids, new kicks, hand-crafted art, and vinyl. I get excited when an idea takes on a life of its own and becomes something better than the original concept.

On the side, I paint, design posters and t-shirts, and handcraft custom flasks. 

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Experience, Publications,
and Awards

I have been in Design and Advertising for 18+ years. My work ranges from E-Commerce and Digital Design to Branding, Print, and Film for local, national, and international clients. It has been featured in Fast Company, GRAPHIS, The Huffington Post, several design magazines, film festivals, and garnered many other awards.

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I offer Leadership and Management, Concepting, graphic and UX Design for Mobile, App, and Web–Design, Motion Design, Advertising, Branding, Environmental Design, and Film.

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