Microsoft Dynamics
Flavor and Fuel: A Story of Modern Craftsmanship

Agency: Garrigan Lyman Group           Client: Microsoft           Year: 2014


Microsoft Dynamics is used the world over in a multitude of different companies to effectively track and maximize resources. We set out to tell the tales of how each organization, LOTUS F1 and New Belgium Brewing, used the same technology to reach their lofty goals. The suprising thing we noticed after creating two separate documentaries was the striking commonality betwixt them. They were separated by oceans yet united by the same driving force to succeed.

In the end, we merged the two films together to illustrate this universality of ambition. I was Creative Director on both documentaries, co-directed LOTUS F1, and was integral in the final editing process.

The First Cuts

It's always interesting to see the first cuts of films, especially when they are eventually merged as they were above. Here are the two original cuts of each mini-documentary.

Channeling The Muse

One of my strongest memories of this project was the taste of 15-year-old scotch and the smell of a fire that hadn't gone out for 100 years. The smoky warmth of the experience stays with me to this day. This was a sharp contrast with the high tech world in which I lived in during this gig. The pure adrenalin of racing was at the forefront of my mind, so I tended to blast hard, thumping beats from the dancehall to the biker bar. And it was all perfect. 


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