Microsoft Dynamics
A Dynamic Business Film Series

Agency: Garrigan Lyman Group           Client: Microsoft           Year: 2013


Microsoft Dynamics is a system and application set that's designed to manage and maintain customer relationships, track engagements and sales, and deliver actionable data—all in one place. Pretty dry stuff to the average bear. But what if you focused on how that system directly benefits the person to not only suceed in business, but give them time for the important things in life? That's where the little twist comes in.

I was Creative Director on all seven shorts, co-directed "Public Sector," and was integral in the final editing process.


Channeling The Muse

This project was all about storytelling, especially those with unexpected twists. It only made sense to take an audible ride with the likes of Jesse Ware, Samiyam, Teebs, Flying Lotus, Faithless, Jacques Green, and of course, some of the greatest storytellers of all time, Madonna, Prince, and Bowie.


James Nesbitt Design