Marc Jacobs Beauty

Agency: LiveArea           Client: KENDO Holdings, Inc.           Year: 2018


Marc Jacob’s signature rule-breaking creativity drives his vision with the goal of inspiring others to push boundaries and create their own personal unexpected style. I lead the team and co-designed a site that showcased his creativity and personal style, whilst communicating how innovation is at the heart of every product Marc Jacobs Beauty creates. 


Simple Luxury

The innovation was to amplify this unique, independent brand by contrasting striking imagery with product, and focusing on simple, intuitive design.

Make It Modular

The site was built with modules in mind so the client could easily create new pages with the same structure as those we delivered. This flexibility was a must to ensure the site could remain fresh in the future.

MJB_Editoral Landing

Channeling The Muse

As I dug into Marc's personality, it became clear that his love of music was part of his creative process as well as mine. And it ran the gamut from Soul to R+B, Dance to Industrial. It all made sense to me as this unexpected mix of music had one thing in common: it was all innovative. We were being driven by creativity at every turn. 


James Nesbitt Design