Canyon Bicycles

Agency: LiveArea           Client: Canyon Bicycles           Year: 2017


Canyon, an award-winning German bicycle company, wanted to not only disrupt the US market, but dominate it. While they had a stellar reputation, purchasing expensive, customized bicycles online proved to be difficult. I was tasked with leading the team and co-designing a site that showcased a beautifully-engineered product, but would also made it exceedingly easy for customers to make them one-of-a-kind rides.


Make It Mine

On landing, customers can quickly and easily peruse offerings based upon their interest in either off-road or on-road bicycles. Additionally, all content changes based upon their selection, customizing the information presented.


Clean + Focused

In order to give the customer insight into how the bikes could be customized, we featured every modifiable element by highlighting it when hovering or tapping on the information panel or on the bike itself. Customers could easily get to the details, but weren't forced to wade through them.

Canyon Canyon Grid – ULT 9.0 Comparison D

Responsively Beautiful

The experience was designed with mobile in mind from the beginning, so it easily migrated betwixt viewports without losing the overall brand feeling or functionality.

Channeling The Muse

The music you listen to whilst working is of great importance as it sets the mood and channels the energy in the room. This project was highly technical and detailed, so we listened to a range of artists such as Bowie, Kendrick Lamar, Duran Duran, Diplo, Washed Out, and Malaa, among others. And we needed the occasional blast of old school Beasties to break it up a bit.


James Nesbitt Design