ARCADE Magazine
Editorial Design

Agency: James Nesbitt Design           Client: NW Architctural League           Year: 2007, 2012


ARCADE Magazine is a Northwest institution focusing on architecture, city planning, and design. Each year different Designers are selected to create the magazine and take it to new and different heights from a visual communication perspective. My partner, Stephanie Cooper, and I were lucky enough to be selected for the 26th volume and I was delighted to be asked back to do an issue for the 30th celebration.

It was a challenge as we had to learn how to work with the confines of a using a two-color press, yet get as much visual impact - if not more - then a traditional four-color press. By the third issue, we even had the logo embroidered to play with the bold textures and brilliant Pantone neon inks. It is still one of my favorite projects.


Make It Personal

As my buddy, James Victore likes to say, "In the Universal lies the Particular," meaning that when you speak of your truths and experiences, even if it's in a visual medium, you speak in a language that is relatable. These issues of ARCADE were very personal, with little nuances and references throughout. They were also some of the most popular they've ever had.


Insights + Ah-Ha's

The last edition in the 30th-anniversary volume came out in 2012. I used Trump as he was the most ludicrous, self-centered figure in American Pop Culture that I could think of. He was, and is, the epitome of egomaniacal greed and reckless consumption. It's kismet that he was the visage I used long before he became President.


Channeling The Muse

The first volume took a year and the second three months, both spanning quite some time between. There was a lot of different musical genres, from Dance and Detroit Techno to stalwarts like Bowie and The Beastie Boys. There was a fair bit of Punk, New Wave, and Hip-Hop as well. All in all, a mixed bag of audible inspiration.


James Nesbitt Design